Black Bean Quinoa Burgers (V, GF)

Black bean quinoa burgers are a vegan and gluten-free dinner idea to kickstart your New Year’s resolutions. Some people may use this time to try and eat more plants, which means more vegan recipe ideas. These vegan black bean quinoa burgers are perfect, easy, and healthy for any meal of the week.

Vegan black bean quinoa burgers on baking tray

Ingredients needed to make these black bean quinoa burgers

These burgers are super easy to make, require minimal ingredients that almost everyone has in their home, and tastes like a real burger! Most veggie/vegan burgers have a lot of steps or are complicated to make. For this recipe, you’ll only need a food processor as the main equipment, or you can even mash it by hand.

  • Black Beans. This is the main source of protein in your burgers! You can also use red kidney beans, navy beans, or any other beans you’d like!
  • Canned Corn. Adds a pop of colour and crunch to the burger!
  • Quinoa. Also high in protein, and helps make the ingredients stick together.
  • Flax Eggs. Your flax eggs will be what binds everything together. Flax is also very high in omega-3s and fibre.
  • Garlic Cloves. To add some flavour to your burgers.
  • Spices. Salt, pepper, turmeric, cumin, and garlic powder will give your burgers a delicious flavour.
  • Barbecue Sauce. To add a smoky flavour to your burgers!
close up of Vegan gluten-free black bean quinoa burgers

Tips on how to make the perfect vegan black bean quinoa burgers

The key tip you want to remember to perfect these burgers is to not over-process the beans, corn, and spices too much. You want everything to be blended well together, but not to the point where it is very mushy. Another tip is to add in the quinoa at the end and stir it in rather than blend it with the food processor. The quinoa keeps the mixture sticky and is what makes it hold together like a real burger.

How to store your veggie burgers

Place these burgers in an airtight container and store in the fridge for up to one week. I would not recommend freezing them because these burgers are made with beans, and taste better when you eat them within the same week they were made.

If you remake these burgers, share them with me on Instagram @riris_recipes so i can repost it! I love seeing you recreate my recipes! If you’re looking for more easy dinner recipes, try my oven roasted sage sweet potatoes! They make the perfect burger side dish.

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