Creamy Vegan Avocado Hummus (Gluten-free)

creamy vegan avocado hummus on a platter with crackers and vegetables

Creamy vegan avocado hummus. Or should I say avohummus, or hummamole? However you want to call it, guacamole and hummus are probably two of the best things to be created, so I decided to combine them. And let me tell you, this is an outcome you do not want to pass up on! If you have never been able to choose between hummus or guacamole, this recipe is for you. And don’t just take my word for it, Well and Good wrote an article all about this recipe!

easy vegan avocado hummus on a platter with cheese carrots and vegetables

I always love making homemade recipes, and had a super ripe avocado lying on my counter, so I combined it with a can of chickpeas and basically made the most delicious hummus I’ve ever tasted. It takes about 10 minutes to make and is great to have a snack, bring to a dinner party, or enjoy alone or among family and friends.

easy vegan avocado hummus on a platter with cheese carrots and vegetables

Ingredients needed for this creamy vegan avocado hummus

  • Chickpeas. One of the main ingredients for this avocado hummus
  • Avocado. The second main ingredient!
  • Garlic Cloves. This adds a lot of flavour to the avocado hummus, and is much more potent than adding garlic powder.
  • Spices. I used salt, pepper, and turmeric
  • Olive Oil.
  • Tahini.
  • Water. Used to make the hummus consistency less thick.
Healthy easy vegan avocado hummus guacamole - Riri's Recipes - Well and good

Tips on how to store your vegan avocado hummus

Once you make your avocado hummus, place it in a glass container with the avocado pit! If you will be eating the avocado hummus as soon as you make it, only add the avocado pit once you are ready to store it in the fridge. This pit will stop the avocado hummus from changing colours and keep it fresh for longer. So, you will be able to store this dip in the fridge for about 4-5 days.

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