Easy Vegan Rice and Vegetables Recipe

Easy Rice and Vegetables recipe in serving dish with spoon

Easy vegan rice and vegetables recipe is such an easy, delicious and gluten-free dinner recipe to make any night of the week. A mouthful to say and eat! This rice has lots of fibre, delicious vegetables, and your favourite protein! I usually like to add in lentils or vegan ground meat to make this rice more filling.

rice and vegetables recipe in serving dish with spoon inside

What kind of rice do I use for this easy rice and vegetables recipe?

I love using brown rice for this because I prefer the texture and taste, but you can definitely use any type of rice you’d like. Since you will be boiling the rice in a pot first, it really does not alter or change the end result of this recipe! Regular white rice or jasmine rice can work. The only thing I do not recommend is using sticky rice for making risotto. This is because it alters the texture and consistency of the dish.

rice and vegetables recipe in serving dish with spoon inside

Which vegetables can I use?

I love using simple frozen bags of peas and carrots or spinach. I sometimes add fresh zucchini or peppers, but you can customize your veggies to add in whatever you like! As I mentioned before, you can add in some protein of choice. Personally, I love using canned lentils or any other type of canned bean like navy beans or black beans. Or if you love using a vegan meat substitute, you can use a vegan ground meat package!

rice and vegetables recipe in serving dish with spoon inside

This easy vegan rice and vegetables recipe is the perfect side dish to make for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday! It is also just as delicious to enjoy during the week. If you’re looking for a similar recipe to make like this one but not with rice, check out my vegan one-pot veggie, bean, and barley recipe.

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