Oven-Roasted Cubed Buttercup Squash

Oven-roasted cubed buttercup squash – the most fall food ever and I am here for it! Fall is my absolute favourite time of the year, especially October. So when it rolls around I just feel a need to make every type of meal possible that involves squashes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and any other type of fall veggie.

Oven roasted cubed buttercup squash in a serving bowl

Taste and texture of oven-roasted cubed buttercup squash

I normally purchase acorn squash or butternut squash, but I decided to try out buttercup! It is slightly bigger than an acorn squash, but the colour on the inside is the same. The texture however is slightly more dry when you bake it in the oven compared to an acorn squash, so adding a little more olive oil can help soften it while it cooks. I also find that the buttercup squash tastes like oven-roasted potatoes! Paired with a delicious sauce, they could be a great substitute for breakfast potatoes!

Oven roasted cubed buttercup squash in a serving bowl

How to cut your buttercup squash

To make this cubed buttercup squash, I microwaved the squash for about 7 minutes before cutting it. It is very difficult to cut, so warming it up helps the knife cut through it more easily. I also peeled the squash, but it is safe to eat. I personally am not a huge fan of eating it since the skin can be a bit tough to chew. You can remove it or leave it on if you’d like!

Once you have cut, peeled, and removed the seeds from the squash, you can toss the cubed buttercup squash into a large bowl and add in all your spices. I then like to pick up the bowl and shake it so that the spices mix well into the squash pieces. Then simply line a baking tray with parchment paper or these silicone baking mat sheets (these are my favourite because it reduces waste and they’re so easy to clean!)

Oven roasted cubed buttercup squash in a serving bowl

This cubed oven roasted buttercup squash makes a great side to pair with any meal or to enjoy with a delicious dipping sauce. If you want more fall-themed recipes, check out my vegan cauliflower stuffing!

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