Pan-Fried Snacking Chickpeas

Pan-fried snacking chickpeas are the perfect go-to snack or side to add to any meal! They are a great source of plant protein (19g of protein in 100 grams!) and fibre (17g per 100 grams!). Pan frying these chickpeas is much quicker than having to roast them in the oven, and they are still full of flavour!

pan-fried seasoned snacking chickpeas in glass container

Ingredients You’ll Need

All you’ll need for these pan-fried snacking chickpeas is 1 can of chickpeas/garbanzo beans (they’re the same!) or approximately 2 cups of dried and cooked chickpeas (any colour/type of chickpea works). Then, you’ll need (dried) spices! I love using turmeric, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cumin, dried parsley flakes, and nutritional yeast. You can add in any other spices of your choice, these are just the ones I always have in my kitchen.

pan-fried seasoned snacking chickpeas in glass container

How do I cook my snacking chickpeas?

These chickpeas are cooked on a frying pan in under 10 minutes! Simply mix the chickpeas and spices in your frying pan until they turn a light, golden colour and are fragrant.

How long can I keep my pan-fried snacking chickpeas?

You can keep your snacking chickpeas in the fridge for up to one week! I would not recommend keeping them longer than that since they are beans, and cannot stay cooked very long.

How do I store my chickpeas?

You can keep your chickpeas in a glass airtight container in the fridge. Some snacking chickpeas that are sold come in bags and can stay in the pantry, but these chickpeas are not as crunchy as the ones you purchase. The ones you are making are much more fresh, so they must be stored differently

pan-fried seasoned snacking chickpeas in glass container

What’s the taste and texture like?

These chickpeas / garbanzo beans are soft and full of flavour. They are not as crispy as oven-roasted chickpeas since they are cooked on the stove in under 10 minutes, but they are absolutely delicious!

If you’re looking for a meal to add these chickpeas to, try my cozy quinoa veggie stir fry or swap the white beans for chickpeas in my one-pot veggie, bean, and barley recipe!

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