Vegan Cauliflower Stuffing

Vegan cauliflower stuffing that has ALL the flavour and is perfect to make for Thanksgiving dinner. This years Thanksgiving may not be the same because of COVID-19, but doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy delicious meals with the people in our homes! This vegan cauliflower stuffing is a delicious side dish that takes only 25 minutes to make! It’s great for anyone who doesn’t eat meat or is eating low carb.

Vegan cauliflower stuffing in serving bowl

Ingredient Tips for making cauliflower stuffing

For this recipe, you can either buy a bag of riced cauliflower to save some time, or you can chop up one head of cauliflower and rice it in your food processor. You can also feel free to use any other vegetables you have on hand! I love using frozen vegetables because they’re simple and easy to add in and don’t require much time to prep before adding to your pan. However, you can feel free to add in some fresh zucchini, bell peppers, fresh spinach, fresh kale, or anyhing else you love!

Vegan cauliflower stuffing cooking in pan

Do I have to use vegan ground meat?

You do not! You can add in beans if you’d like, or keep it to just vegetables. I find the vegan ground meat really adds a delicious flavour and adds some protein to the meal. Since this stuffing is a side dish, it should still have some protein to give it some substance to make you feel full. Therefore, adding beans, vegan ground meat, tofu, tempeh, etc are all great options to add to this dish!

This vegan cauliflower stuffing is:

  • Warm
  • Flavourful
  • Savoury
  • Creamy
  • Delicious!

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