Vegan Mac and Cheese

vegan mac and cheese in a bowl

Vegan mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. And there’s no other way to start off this blog post except addressing the fact that the world has been going through a lot lately. With all the stress and anxiety going around, there is no better time than now to spread positivity and good vibes to others, and to make sure we put our mental and physical health as a top priority.

One way to stay positive and happy is to make the foods you love. Some may be craving some comfort food. For me, that’s some mac and cheese 🙂

Vegan mac and cheese in pan

Ingredients you will need

For this recipe, you will need one box of pasta (your choice), and some frozen spinach nuggets, or fresh spinach. If you use fresh spinach, I suggest adding about 5 cups since it will become very minimal once its cooked. If you use spinach nuggets, add about 5-6 of them. You will also need some boiled and chopped up broccoli, your favourite vegan cheese, and some spices. I used salt, pepper, garlic powder and garlic cloves, and some nutritional yeast. And that’s it! There is nothing better than a simple recipe that tastes delicious, am I right?

Vegan mac and cheese in a bowl

Pasta tips for your mac and cheese

I made this mac and cheese with some pasta (I prefer the mini shell pasta or the elbow macaroni for mac and cheese because the cheese usually gets melty in them and is basically a party in your mouth – you’ll thank me later.

Which type of cheese to use for this vegan mac and cheese

I used Nafsika’s garden vegan cheese. This is my all time favourite cheese. It melts so well and tastes just like dairy cheese. They have so many flavour options and are also a local brand to me, so it is definitely a brand worth supporting.

This recipe is super easy to make, and also has some greens packed in there so you’ll be getting your dose of veggies while having a warm, comforting, meal. Another delicious comforting meal is my vegan one-pot veggie, bean, and barley recipe.

**This post was not sponsored by any brands, I just love this cheese and wanted to share this recipe with you all (and support a local business!) 🙂


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