Vegan Nutty Apple Blondies

Nothing says fall like a delicious apple recipe, specifically some vegan nutty apple blondies! They are so easy to make, are made with healthy ingredients, made in one bowl, and is such a warm and comforting snack for the fall.

Vegan nutty apple blondies cut into squares

Ingredients you’ll need to make these blondies

This blondie recipe is super simple and only requires main ingredients consisting of whole wheat flour, 2 apples, chopped, some chopped nuts of your choice, plant milk, chocolate chips, nuts of your choice, maple syrup, flax seeds, coconut oil, and applesauce. The nuts in this recipe add a delicious crunch, while the apples make these nutty apple blondies super soft and delicious. The chocolate chips are just a no-brainer for me, because what’s dessert without some chocolate?

Vegan nutty apple blondies cut into squares

Tips on prepping your apples

I like to keep the peel on my apples since they get cooked in the oven and the peel is not as tough. If you prefer peeling them, feel free to do so! You can also chop your apples into very tiny pieces, but it may take more time to chop them in tiny pieces. How I chop my apples is by cutting it in 4 (in half both ways), then removing the center/seeds from the apple. After that, I cut each slice in half and then begin chopping it into smaller pieces. You can see the size of the apples in the photo below!

3 Vegan nutty apple blondie squares stacked on top of each other

These vegan nutty apple blondies are:

  • Naturally sweet
  • Warm
  • Cinammony
  • Chewy
  • Crunchy

If you’re looking for another delicious fall recipe, try my pumpkin peanut butter chocolate fudge!

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