Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash

Vegan stuffed acorn squash in pan

This vegan stuffed acorn squash is the perfect, cozy fall dish to enjoy any night of the week. Loaded with veggies, grains, and protein makes it a delicious filling dinner recipe! This recipe is super easy to make and great to meal prep!

Vegan stuffed acorn squash in pan stuffed with rice

How do I make the stuffing for my vegan stuffed acorn squash?

If you’re looking for a flavourful rice recipe to add in your squash, try my easy vegan rice and vegetables recipe! This is the exact recipe I used for this stuffed squash, except I swapped the vegan ground meat for lentils. The protein you choose to add is completely customizable! You can also use another grain to fill your acorn squash like barley! You can use my one-pot veggie, bean, and barley recipe to stuff your squash! I also love to sprinkle some nutritional yeast right before I put my stuffed acorn squash in the oven one last time! It adds a delicious cheesy flavour that is full of vitamins.

Vegan rice stuffing for acorn squash with corn and beans

How do I prepare my acorn squash?

For this vegan stuffed acorn squash recipe, you will need to roast your acorn squash by itself first. You will first have to cut your acorn squash in half, season them, and cook them in the oven skin side up. While they roast, cook your rice/grain mix on the stove so they’re ready to stuff!

Vegan rice stuffed acorn squash with a side of sweet potatoes

If you want to enjoy your vegan stuffed acorn squash with a side of potatoes, try making my oven roasted sage sweet potatoes!

Pro tip on how to cut your acorn squash

So, I know some people (myself included) struggle with cutting squash. They can be very hard and difficult to cut with just a regular knife. A tip I’ve tried and my mom also showed me is to microwave your squash before cutting it. Heating it up makes it so much easier to slice! Depending on the size and density of the squash, I will increase or decrease the time length in the microwave. For an acorn squash, I will normally microwave it for 2-3 minutes then try to cut it. If I still see that I’m struggling, I’ll place it back in the microwave for another 2 minutes. It’s such a great tip because you won’t have to almost injure yourself trying to cut open a squash! This way, you can cut your squash with ease, stuff them, and have a delicious weeknight dinner. I think that’s a pretty good win.

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